Guide to Buy Bongs Online

There are many ways in the modern times to consume the green herb such as E- nails, dabbing devices, classic method of rolling a joint or simply consuming it through a bong. When it comes to picking up a bong, there are so many things one has to consider especially with the type and style of it. It can definitely be exciting to see what kind of bong suits you. This guide will help you buy bongs online for you so you can have the best experience!

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Dry Herbs or Concentrates such as oils?

The first thing to ponder upon when browsing to buy your bong online is whether you want to it for concentrates or dry herbs. Most bongs these days can be used for both herbs and concentrates just by adding the right accessory on it such as bowl piece or a dabbing nail.

Even though the same piece could be used both for the concentrates and dry herbs, all bong vendors recommend using different pieces to get the best experience.

When it comes to consuming the dry herb there are mainly 2 different accessories that are attached in a bong. One is known as the bowl piece while the other is known as the popper piece. How do you consume is mainly on the consumers choice.

Similarly in order to get the best experience of consuming concentrates, you need to have the right dabbing piece that fits your bong.

 What shape or style bong is best for me?buy bongs online

There are many different shapes, styles and sizes of water pipes and bongs that you can choose from. Cylindrical beakers and straight tubes are the most common ones among many consumers with variation in the base size.

Beaker bongs as the name suggests are shaped like a scientific beaker that has a wide base and a straight tube. Whereas straight tubes are simple straight hollow ones having a smaller base.  Beaker bongs definitely allow you to add more water that helps in further cooling down because of the smoke that comes through the water. Straight tubes bongs as compared to the beaker are generally used for taking larger this and thus can be cleared easily as well.

The shape and style of the bong relates directly to the type of hit you can get. Some bongs have multiple chambers which gives you a smoother hit compared to regular bongs!

Glass Quality and Thickness

Glass quality and thickness directly influence the price of the bong as well. When you buy bongs online, you will see a wide range of prices from least expensive to highly priced ones.

Acrylic bongs or plastic bongs have a lesser value as compared to some of the glass bongs which are clearer and have better smoking experience. Acyclic bongs are common among regular smokers due to the fact that they do not break easily but cleaning them is tougher as compared to glass bongs!

So whenever buy bongs online, there are many different options to choose from to have the best smoking experience, Bongs are usually preferred to get instant hit and hence you can explore the different experiences of smoking through a bong!