Toxic Shame: The True Soul Sickness of Addiction

Studies have shown that for families of an addict find it hard to admit that their loved one is addicted to certain substance. Similarly, the addicts because of the shame that is associated with addiction, often tries to hide their addiction problem from others.  Most addicts think that when other will come to know about their addiction habit, they will shame the addicts.

According to London Detox Centre, addicts on being shamed by their loved ones or the society, finds it hard to accept. They think that as a child they were often shamed for doing wrong things. However, they don’t understand what’s wrong about drinking or taking drugs. For an addict taking chemical substance is a normal thing and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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Shame Can Have Both Positive or Negative Effect

When an addict is shamed of their addiction habit, it can either have a positive or negative effect on the addicts. For instance, it can discourage a person from seeking addiction treatment. Similarly, a healthy shame can also play a positive role during the recovery process also. Hence, it’s important for a person to learn about toxic shame and how it differs from a normal shame.

Toxic shame is usually seen among the addicts who are suffering from some kind of addiction. Unlike normal shaming, toxic shame remains buried within the mind of the addict. Thus, it can affect the self-identity of a person. Hence, London Detox Centre tries to point out that the addict suffering from toxic-shame will experience low self-esteem, self-loathing, and so on.

Shame should not be confused with guilt. Both of them are completely different set of emotions. The best way to understand the difference between the two is to see how one reacts to these two emotions. Usually when one goes through guilt, they might think of apologizing. However, while experiencing shame one will try to hide himself from the entire thing.

Shame for Addicts

The shame can be equally harmful for the addicts. This doesn’t mean that shaming won’t do any good for the addicts.  Surveys conducted by London Detox Centre have found out that shaming can keep one grounded. Healthy shame can prompt a person to seek held for their addiction. In fact, the addicted person won’t even hesitate to enroll for addiction treatment.

However, many addicts may suffer from internalized shame. When they suffer from internalized shame, it can eventually kill them. The addict might think they are highly imperfect and is not fit for this world. For addicts, this toxic shame can do a lot of harm. When one starts to suffer from soul sickness, he/she starts to disown themselves.

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For London Detox Centre, it is important to heal the toxic shame. It should be done for dealing with addiction recovery. In order to reduce the pain associated with the shame, it needs to get exposed. Avoiding it would only make the situation even worse. If it is not dealt correctly, it would lead to internalized shame. It would affect a person greatly. The best way to deal it is by sharing the feeling with support groups.

Peer support from peer group and family members can help an addict to recover completely. For best result, taking the help of reputed Neworld Detox Centre is important.